Equity Research and Hedge Fund Advisory – Based on 2 decades of capital market experience, we provide excellent public equity investment ideas (both emerging and developed).

We possess valuable equity analysis/valuations/stock picking skills based upon Warren Buffet’s investment principles.
For more information contact: century.partners03 at gmail.com


Value Oriented Investment Strategy:

We as value investors focus only on good quality undervalued Indian/US companies with durable competitive advantage.
We invest only in undervalued, low risk, good quality businesses at right price and holding them for long period of time.

• Based on the below mentioned process, we select few under valued and good quality investments in India.

• After conducting more than a decade worth of research, valuations and risk analysis on India’s equity market and working at Wall Street, we now very strongly believe in
Indian companies growth potential.

• Due to this firm belief, depth of our investing knowledge and discipline, we envision that if we can make few concentrated wise investments now, we can benefit from future economic growth.

So to sum up our investment philosophy, we invest only in reasonably priced, simple & good businesses with durable competitive advantage with competent management able enough to grow the economic moat for considerable amount of time.

Why Now

• Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’ Neill was the first to show the potential significance of BRIC economies in 2003. Their forecast of ~ 5% annual growth rate of India’s GDP looked very optimistic at that time. Given the present growth rate, in 2008, they revised the estimate growth rate to 8.5% per year for the next decade.


While investing we look for companies which lies in our circle of competence, one which we can easily understand and evaluate.

• Then we will analyze them to see if we can easily predict how the business will look like in the next 5 to10 years, if any kind of catastrophic risk or credit related risks looks possible, then we reject that idea.

• Then we look at company’s valuations (Data of last 5 to 10 years of : sales growth, profit margins, book value, dividends,
competition & risk etc.)


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